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“The most caring team of people starting from Dr.Vickers to the Vet Techs and the staff! They took special care of our Romeo for 12 years and now they are doing the same with our new puppies! I highly recommend them, always there for you!”

Susan S.

“Thank you so much for your kindness and caring of our little Shih Tzu Jake. We knew he was struggling with health problems; when we needed kindness and compassion for our little dog, you came through like a shining light. Although Jake went to dog heaven, we appreciate your dedication to him and us during a very difficult time. It’s hard when animals are seriously ill, we feel like the advice and treatment we were given for Jake was very honest and straightforward. Thank you for loving our pets as much as we do. Our remaining pooches are lucky to have you for all their vet needs. Thanks a million.”
Mark and Lisa F.

“We have a cairn terrier that lives with my parents because he and his brother didn’t get along. He recently went to a vet in Cheyenne that recommended his teeth need to be cleaned and wanted to charge my parents about 3 times what we thought it should cost. On top of that, Luke is 11 years old with diabetes so using anesthesia was a concern. We called Dr. Vickers (who has been our vet for many years) and asked his opinion. To make a long story short, Dr. Vickers got Luke in for a cleaning (yes, my parents drove down from Cheyenne) and made my folks feel so comfortable about the procedure and took outstanding care of Luke! We trust Dr. Vickers to always take great care of our pets at a fair price! Thank you to Dr. Vickers and your entire team!”
Robyn M.

“Because of Dr. Vick, our 90lbs beast of a Giant Schnauzer is a healthy and strong, productive member of our household, holding down K-9 patrol duty. The Doc’s a great listener, and I appreciate his openness and candor in dealing w us holistic, natural medicine types that are cautious about traditional treatments. He is sensitive to our needs, providing the best advice and care for our pet!”
Tavo V.

“Dr. Vickers and his staff have been just wonderful to all of my family and pets. We have been going here for many years now and have lost a few of our beloved babies, and we couldn’t ask for a more caring vet and staff to help us through such difficult times. We also have animals with allergies and Dr. Vickers is great at helping us navigate their sensitive systems. One thing that really stands out to me and my family about Dr. Vickers is how much he connects himself with all of his clients and their pets. A few years ago we had a dog, now passed, that was diagnosed with cancer; Dr. Vickers had to give us the devastating news, all the while knowing how much this pet meant to all of us, and in such related it in a kind and sympathetic manner. As we cried for our little Enzo, he did as well. His sensitivity to our feelings, as well as Enzo himself, is representative of the kind of veterinarian and person he is as a whole. I recommend Dr. Vickers and this Veterinary Clinic to all of my friends, as well as previous pet-sitting clients because their services are outstanding and attentive to all of our needs.”
Kathy R.

“Dr. Vickers and the amazing techs that work with him have been SO very good to o ur dogs…we have been seeing him for many years and absolutely love him! He has been so kind and so understanding of us especially during some really difficult times for our family. We are so blessed to have him right up the street, but even if we had a long drive to get there – we would still always see him! He is one of a kind.”
Terrisa H.

“Dr Vickers and his staff are the best! From new puppies, cats, an orphaned kitten, illness, a cancer diagnosis, old age and the inevitable hard choices that come with pets. Dr Vickers can always be counted on for outstanding care, compassion, honesty and the feeling that you and your critters are not just clients but friends! Over the past couple years especially we’ve had a Lab with cancer and an elderly Beagle that had to be euthanized. Dr Vickers has been so patient with answering my questions and returning my many nervous phone calls. We are moving out of CO soon and it will be hard to find a new vet that compares to Dr Vickers. Thank you for everything guys!”
Michelle B.

“We can choose from any Vet in Colorado Springs but we choose to drive up to Castle Pines so Dr. Vickers can take care of our dog Elwood. He explains everything he is doing while he examines our dog and gives us great advise on how we should care for our dog at home. The follow up calls after an appointment, we find especially nice. Dr. Vickers has a great team of professional at his clinic. I highly recommend Dr. Vickers to care for your pet.”
Jim V.

“Dr Vickers took care of our lab Tucker and he was nothing but honest and helpful to us when it came time to put him down recently. His staff showed so much compassion and care for Tucker always and we lost great family member and thank you doctor for everything you could do. Perhaps you can refer us to a good breeder soon so that we raise another wonderful lab and be his doctor as well.”
Michelson Family

“Dr. Vickers began treating our dog at 12 years old when she developed a tumor on her right leg. Our original vet wanted to amputate. I went to Dr Vickers for a second opinion and he removed the tumor within the week without complication. We unfortunately had to put our dog down recently due to a unrelated problem. The care and empathy that Dr. Vickers and his staff exhibited during this very difficult time really helped us through what we considered a loss of a family member. When we are ready for another dog Castle Pine Vet Clinic will be the only choice for me and my family.”
David T.

“Dr. Vickers is the most caring, professional vet that I have ever met. Our husky, Sierra, has been very sick over the last year. The staff was always helpful, cheerful, and very understanding. When it came to the end for Sierra, the team made Sierra and us feel so comfortable during a terrible time. I cannot say enough how thankful we are for their friendship and professionalism. Vickie and Wes Vargo.”
Vickie V.

“Dr. Vickers and his staff are the absolute best! My 9 week old puppy was sick and I had no idea what was wrong. Instead of just sending him home with some meds he took him home, monitored him overnight and did a series of x-rays. It turns out he didn’t just have a bug! He had a hole in his diaphram and his intestines had slipped through! He needed surgery right away! He got all the care he needed and is now a happy and healthy puppy! I am convinced without Dr. Vickers he wouldn’t have made it. I am so thankful and recommend this office to absolutely anyone!”
Alex G.

“Dr Vickers is by far the best vet. He has performed surgery on my dog. He cares soo much he took him home to monitor him that night. You cant even see the scar. His staff is just as caring and friendly. My dog doesnt shake when he goes here. My dog likes it hear and so do I.”

“Dr. Vickers and the whole staff at Castle Pines Veterinary clinic are very friendly and helpful. Dr. Vickers is the only veterinarian I want taking care of my dogs. With Sedona’s multitude of issues she is everything but easy to care for, and Dr. Vickers does a very good job with all of his knowledge.”

“We volunter with CO Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue and have taken our personal pets and our fosters to Dr Vickers for years. When he was one of several vets at a large practice, we would always ask for him, because of his kindness and compassion, and because he is an extremely good vet. When he left that practice we missed him sorely. We were delighted to hear from a friend that he had started his own practice at Castle Pines, and immediately moved our pets to the Castle Pines Veterinary Clinic. Other volunteers in our rescue bring animals to him also, even though it is a bit of a drive for us. It is so nice to come into a small, intimate, well-managed Clinic instead of the bustle and confusion of a large multi-vet clinic! All of the people working with Dr Vickers at Castle Pines Veterinary share that same competency, kindness and compassion. As one of our foster volunteers said, “they are all such nice people!””
Sarah B.

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